Prescription Drugs

As of September 1, 2020, EnvisionRx changed its name to Elixir. Only the name changed. There is no change to your Health Plan ID card or which pharmacies are In-Network.

It is easy to fill prescriptions at any In-Network pharmacy (Target, Walmart, and many more). Just present your Health Plan ID card, and the pharmacist will tell you your share of the cost (if any).

The Elixir Covered Medication Search Tool gives you immediate access to information about prescription drugs covered by the Alliance Coal Health Plan. Use it to help your doctor or nurse practitioner prescribe covered medications.

  • Search covered medications.
  • See the tier level of a medication and any restrictions.
  • Find the covered generic alternatives for brand name drugs that aren’t covered by the Plan.

When your health care provider prescribes a medication, you may want to check if there are effective medications that would cost you less under the Alliance Plan.

Approved Over-the-Counter (Tier 1)0% only when prescribed and dispensed at on-site Health Centers
Approved Preventive (Tier 1)0% (certain drugs covered only when dispensed at on-site Health Centers)
Approved Disease Management (Tier 1)$5 copay, then $0
Generic Preferred (Tier 1)$5 copay, then $0 (some $0 copay exceptions noted in Covered Medication Search)
Generic Non-Preferred (Tier 2)10% ($10 minimum coinsurance)
Brand-Name Preferred (Tier 3)20% ($10 minimum coinsurance)
Brand-Name Non-Preferred (Tier 4)40% ($10 minimum coinsurance)
Specialty Preferred (Tier 5)10% ($100 minimum coinsurance; $300 maximum coinsurance)
Specialty Non-Preferred (Tier 6)20% ($200 minimum coinsurance; $600 maximum coinsurance)

Certain medications require prior authorization, step therapy, or substitution with clinical alternative, or you pay 100%. For certain medications, additional restrictions apply on brand names, non-approved products, or quantities. For more information, see the Prescription Drug section of the Benefits Handbook (SPD). If you use an Out-of-Network parmacy, the Plan will pay only the amount it would have paid to an In-Network pharmacy, and you will pay the balance.

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The Summary Plan Description (SPD) has more details about this benefit, such as:

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